Key Statements

Caring for People Because of Christ
~ Central Parkway Motto

PURPOSE {Why do we exist?}
     Loving, honoring, and pleasing God, our Creator and Redeemer.

VISION {Where are we going?}
     Engaging our community until all follow Jesus Christ.

MISSION {How will we get where we are going?}
     Loving people resulting in their following Jesus Christ.

CORE VALUES {What is important?}
•  God is the One true and living Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer,
            Sovereign, and Lord over all creation.
     •  Sin is our problem, resulting in separation from God, for which
            God offers to us the gift of salvation, which is by grace
            through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
     •  God's design is that we take and tell the good news of His
            Kingdom to all people.
     •  God reveals Himself in us as we live in simple obedience to

What We Believe

The 2000 Baptist Faith & Message