Being a Christian

The good news about getting more for your life is that you can take action right where you are, right now. Your Creator knows exactly where you are. He will communicate to you which action is right for you. If you are unsure, begin by choosing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our view here is to provide sufficiently for you to take action to agree with God about life, align yourself with God's instructions for life, and activate the faith He gives to live life with Him.

Beginning a personal relationship with Jesus Christ...

  • will be the most important decision you will ever make.
  • must be an individual, intentional choice.
  • means you choose to trust Jesus Christ exclusively for eternal life.
  • is on His terms, not yours.
  • produces changes in you because of giving Jesus control of your life.
  • launches you on a journey following Jesus Christ.
  • gives you what hope and peace than cannot be received otherwise.

Growing in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ...

  • is a daily process.
  • honors, glorifies, and pleases Him.
  • demonstrates genuine relationship.
  • produces spiritual fruit.
  • attracts other people to Jesus Christ.
  • requires work, sacrifice, and investment.
  • involves some basic tools and practices, i.e. prayer, Bible reading, worship (personal and corporate), serving others, and more.
  • depends on the choices you make, because Jesus has already declared and demonstrated His choice regarding a growing relationship with you.

Following Jesus Christ as a disciple...

  • is a journey of walking by faith, not by sight.
  • demands keeping your eyes on Him.
  • takes the guesswork out of daily choices.
  • means your enemy is more unrelenting than ever.
  • enables us to love people like Jesus Christ loves us.
  • provides purpose for living life.
  • invites others to also trust Him for salvation.

Each of these actions for life are intended to provide you guidance and encouragement for your life from where you are right now. Specific details for your life in addition to these actions are provided as you trust Jesus Christ through a personal relationship with Him.

Life itself demands that you choose continually whose heart you will trust, whose word you will embrace, and much more. 

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ ensures more for your life. Nothing else can.

Taking action to pursue more for your life is your choice, and yours alone. We are available and willing to do everything we can as followers of Jesus Christ to assist you in experiencing more for your life. Connect with us. Let's take action together for more life.